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Sanity treats your content as structured data and makes it functional via the fortunate and powerful API. We help you to develop with the front-end technologies you love and know. Sanity is basically a platform for structured content. With the applications of sanity, you can manage your image, text, and other media with APIs. Also, you can use the open-source single-page application for editing known as Sanity Studio. 


You will get access to the real-time data store when you start a new project on Sanity. It is a schemeless backend that lets you query and stores JSON documents and subscribes to real-time changes. It comes with a query API that uses the query language to enable you with a quick filter document technique.

Build to be built on

Sanity is the most flexible and user-friendly platform to build data-driven content solutions. 

  • Content Lake:  Use structured content to integrate across businesses and disciplines, assembling your foundation from the best components.


  • Sanity Studio: Customize and collaborate using the fanatics features of sanity studio. It is a real-time toolkit for building efficient data-driven content applications.


  • Developer Experience: Our flexible and open platform use tooling which you already know, so it feels like a home away from home.

Keeps Everyone On The Same Page

Sanity is among the first platform to empower teams of all sizes with real-time collaboration, advanced version control, and more.

Real-Time Collaboration

We offer real-time collaboration, track changes, and allow multi-user editing. With sanity, you never feel left out. Work together like never before.

Fit Your Team

Boost the performance of your team with a customized editing environment that works like butter.

Come Together

Let content creators, developers, and designers come together while eliminating content from the presentation.


The team does data analysis on the computer

Sanity solves all the modern problems of emerging organizations. It’s collaborative, extensible, and lets the team deliver and dream.


E-commerce Sites

Content Experience + Better Product

Mobile Apps

Structured content for every native OS

Marketing Sites

Better stories, with fewer efforts and maximum outreach

Product And Services

Automate and Innovate from the inside out



Bring content to culture with a tailored experience

Collaborative editing

The platform keeps everyone on the same page


Create one and distribute it anywhere


Offer total control for marketing teams


Content Enrichment

Entity extraction, metadata, text to speech


Make other services a part of your editing environment


Improve the reach and value of your data sources


Serverless, Modern hosts, IoT, and edge


Sanity solves all the modern problems of emerging organizations. It’s collaborative, extensible, and lets the team deliver and dream.



Hosted Content APIs

Flexible, fast, and treat content as data.



Content Studio

Open Source, customizable content editor


Review Charges

Revert and review changes by team members


Content Previews

Add multiple views to a single document


Custom Workflows

Build your own workflow actions in the sanity studio


Real-time collaboration

No waiting, no locking, editing, and writing ops merged as you type



Programmable Infrastructure

Integration with systems and workflow


Continuous Integration

Include content as part of your DevOps efforts


Deploy Multiple Studios

Create a different user experience for the same data

Delivery And Network

Global CDN

Server data super fast around the world



Image Pipeline

Responsive compression and cropping on demand


Security And Compliance

Private Datasets

Keep your data private



Physically Secured Hosting

On the industry-leading google cloud infrastructure



Private Datasets

Choose to keep your data private

Build Beyond Your Expectations




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