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Utilize the INCN Technology CI/CD solution integration to fully automate the delivery cycle and reduce any potential risks. Production and testing are advanced all thanks to an efficient resource used in our technology!



CI/CD is a method for delivering apps to clients on a regular basis by automating the various stages of app development. Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are the three core CI/CD concepts. CI/CD is a solution to the issues that development and operations teams may encounter while integrating new code.

Benefits of using our CI and CD technology.

Through the use of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment (CI/CD), our firm is now able to release more frequently without sacrificing quality. Code updates are managed via an automated pipeline using CI/CD, which performs the time-consuming build, test, and deployment chores and notifies you of any problems.

More rapid time to market


The adoption of Agile and DevOps practices by our digital giants to revolutionize the development processes and provide ongoing improvements to our users may have set the bar higher, but with many smaller firms also following suit, the market is getting more and more competitive.

If our competitors are moving more swiftly, knowing what our users need, coming up with novel features, and converting them into solid code may not be sufficient. You may ship updates weekly, daily, or even hourly with our automated CI/CD pipeline.

Reduced risk


A shorter time to market does more than just keep you competitive. Rapid releases give product managers and marketing experts the chance to interact more closely with the development process.

We can validate our strategy before spending months or even years developing a feature that doesn’t genuinely solve an issue for our users by testing our innovations with users early and frequently, whether with test subjects in a pre-production environment or with actual users in the real world.

Reduced review period


Our developers are encouraged to commit their code changes more frequently with continuous integration—generally at least once per day. Regularly exchanging code with the team helps to guarantee that everyone is building on the same base, speeds up code reviews, and makes it simpler to incorporate changes.

Working with smaller increments means that there is less for a code reviewer to understand. You can more clearly understand how the logic develops because smaller commits typically result in more detailed commit statements.

Improved coding quality


A set of automated tests that are run on each and every build are at the heart of any CI/CD process. Even though it takes effort and knowledge to write automated tests, doing so has several benefits.

Testing is a repetitious procedure requiring high levels of focus, as anyone who has had to follow a manual test script can attest. Even the most dedicated tester occasionally yawns when they reset their surroundings to carry out the same actions with one minor difference for the tenth or twenty times.

The quicker route to production


As we all know, perfecting a skill requires practice, and this rule also holds true for learning a musical instrument or shooting hoops.

The ideal way to implement our CI/CD is slowly; start with CI practices and gradually expand your pipeline. As you begin to deploy updates more regularly, you’ll find bottlenecks and stages in your current process that hold you down, such as the need to update data in a test environment or modify parameters before delivering on a specific machine.

Accelerated bug fixes


Bugs will occasionally get through to production despite the fact that code quality has increased as a result of our automated testing.

Each release to production will have a relatively minimal amount of code changes if you are often shipping and committing changes, which will make it much simpler to pinpoint the root of a problem. Because of the finer detail of our commits, you are less likely to lose other beneficial improvements when you decide to undo the change.

Services provided by us.

For your company, our IT Outpost team can offer a variety of services. We are introducing, among other things, CI/CD, one of the DevOps culture’s practices.

Design And Deployment of CI/CD

By utilizing professional CI/CD services, a complete CI/CD pipeline with an accurate design and smooth deployment is made possible.

Implementing CI/CD in a personalized way.

Putting in place the services for continuous integration and delivery so that the customer's business needs from our side are fulfilled.

Pipeline Automation From Start to Finish

Streamlined automation of the product's CI/CD pipeline's construction, testing, and deployment phases is a far better way than any complex solution provided by other companies.

Assessment of continuous delivery.

Meticulous and ongoing evaluation of the product enhancements brought about by the use of our CD methods will help you in analyzing the flaws of the product related to delivery issues.

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